In 2018, Wounds Canada launched the Wounds Canada Institute (WCI), which builds on our decades of excellence in educational programs for health-care professionals in the areas of skin health and wound management. Through the Wounds Canada Institute, health-care professionals at all levels and in all disciplines can access flexible, interprofessional education that supports their learning needs and professional career growth. The programs delivered by the Institute take the form of online courses, webinars, and hands-on skills labs,  providing different types of learning experiences to best suit the content, as well as convenience to learners who want to move at their own pace.

The programs have been developed, reviewed, and are delivered by Canada‚Äôs top skin and wound experts using the framework of the  Collaborative Appraisal & Recommendation for Education or CARE Instrument:

  • Preliminary Planning
  • Preparation and Development
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation and Outcomes
  • Sustainability and Post-Implementation Outcomes (preceptorship and mentoring opportunities to be confirmed)

Our expert faculty provide an interprofessional, holistic approach that helps learners optimize patient outcomes and experience and make the best use of limited health-care system resources. The formats and variety of programs, courses, and events on offer allow students to engage in the type of education best suited to their current level of expertise, specific interests, time availability, and resources.

Please review the programs and make a plan to invest in yourself through our high-quality, convenient, and cost-effective education.

Note: The WCI does not accept third party funding to support or develop its programs. Furthermore, the content of our programs does not promote any brands or commercial names.