Staff and Contractors

Mariam Botros, Executive Director
Peggy Ahearn, Director, Strategic Initiatives
Katie Bassett, Publications and Communications Assistant
Celine Bryenton, Executive Assistant
Heather Orsted, Director, Education and Professional Development
Robert Ketchen, Art Director
Crystal McCallum, Manager, Education
Addie North, Business Co-ordinator
Sheri Pilon, Senior Manager, Marketing Communications
Maureen Rego, Conference Manager
Sue Rosenthal, Director, Knowledge Mobilization

Educational Faculty and Advisors

Greg Archibald
Mariam Botros
Pat Coutts
Robyn Evans
David Keast
Janet Kuhnke
Kerstin Lewis
Ann Marie McLaren
Barbie Murray
Deirdre O’Sullivan-Drombolis
Tej Sahota

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Health-care Professionals

Leaders and Change Makers