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A case series evaluating a new gelling fibre dressing as a primary dressing for moderate to highly exuding wounds ( 1.43 MB ) (379 downloads) Popular
A Prospective, multi site, non blinded study comparing the cost effectiveness of gentian violet methylene blue dressing in the management of open surgical wounds vs the current standard ( 560 KB ) (254 downloads) Popular
A retrospective chart review of a Mississauga outpatient community hospital based wound care clinic ( 1.81 MB ) (262 downloads) Popular
An In Vitro comparison of the bacteriostatic properties of the six commercially available hydrogels ( 1.32 MB ) (302 downloads) Popular
An ounce of prevention if worth a pound of cure To prevent pressure injuries among older adults ( 204 KB ) (351 downloads) Popular
Application of Acellular Dermal Matrix In Limb Threatening Wounds ( 2.27 MB ) (431 downloads) Popular
Assessment of the Ability of Chitosan Gelling Fiber Wound Dressing to Promote Hemostasis ( 402 KB ) (331 downloads) Popular
Case series evaluation of a new generation antimicrobial dressing (NGAD) for the management of patients with chronic wounds ( 564 KB ) (462 downloads) Popular
Case series study to evaluate hypochlorous acid wound cleansing solution in the clinical management of patients with chronic wounds ( 530 KB ) (351 downloads) Popular
Case series using an advanced silicone based polymer skin protectant for the clinical management of patients with moisture associated skin damage (MASD) ( 688 KB ) (322 downloads) Popular
Central West LHIN Home and Community Care Wound Care Program ( 1.05 MB ) (670 downloads) Popular
Design requirements for afoam adhesive dressing; The benefits of a polyurethane adhesive ( 1.80 MB ) (442 downloads) Popular
Early Use of Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose Collagen Silver ORC or ORC Collagen Dressings in Complex Wounds ( 2.17 MB ) (409 downloads) Popular
Evaluating the wear time, edge roll, and border thickness of a new silicone foam dressing ( 142 KB ) (276 downloads) Popular
Evaluation of an Electrical Stimulation Therapy Education Program for the Healing of Chronic Wounds Preliminary Results ( 436 KB ) (223 downloads) Popular
Evaluation of the Fluid Handling Performance of a New Silicone Foam Dressing Compared to a Leading Competitor Dressing ( 530 KB ) (230 downloads) Popular
Exploring Key Processes in Implementation Planning Electrical Stimulation Therapy to Improve Pressure Injury Healing in Persons with Spinal Cord Injury ( 1.12 MB ) (280 downloads) Popular
Exploring the Impact of Mindfulness Based Meditation on the Quality of Life, Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety, and Wound Healing for Individuals with DFU ( 224 KB ) (329 downloads) Popular
Exploring the Prevalence of Skin Tears in Elderly Patient in Canadian Health Care Facilities ( 336 KB ) (301 downloads) Popular
Exploring the use of oxygen therapies to treat lower extremity wounds related to arterial insufficiency A scoping review ( 517 KB ) (244 downloads) Popular
Handheld real time bacterial fluorescence imaging guides wound cleaning and facilitates patient education in pilonidal sinus wound care patients ( 1.71 MB ) (277 downloads) Popular
Handheld real time fluorescence imaging of bacteria guides treatment selection and timing of dressing changes in inpatients undergoing negative pressure wound therapy ( 2.17 MB ) (379 downloads) Popular
Knowledge and attitudes to pressure injury prevention and management A cross sectional survey of healthcare providers in the acute care setting ( 462 KB ) (380 downloads) Popular
LIMPRINT reporting from Parkwood Institute Research, Lawson Research Institute, London ON Canada ( 417 KB ) (246 downloads) Popular
Methylene Blue and Gentian Violet (MBGV) Antibacterial Foam Dressing Promotes Epithelial Migration ( 618 KB ) (505 downloads) Popular
Not All Wounds Are Caused By Pressure Recognizing Incontinence Associated Dermatitis and Implementing Strategies to Prevent and Manage IAD ( 337 KB ) (696 downloads) Popular
Optimal moist wound healing in various wound conditions ( 1.88 MB ) (299 downloads) Popular
Optimizing the wound bed by removing devitalized tissue and using foam dressing ( 1.65 MB ) (361 downloads) Popular
Prevalence of Chronic Wounds in Canada Compared to Other ( 1018 KB ) (4042 downloads) Popular
Real time Bacterial Fluorescence Imaging Guides Antimicrobial Stewardship in Patients with Diverse Wounds ( 2.04 MB ) (353 downloads) Popular
Shockwave Disruption of Biofilms ( 1.40 MB ) (295 downloads) Popular
Skin Tear Prevalence, Incidence and Associated Risk Factors ( 4.19 MB ) (425 downloads) Popular
Sunnybrook St John’s Rehab Outpatient Burn Program Evaluation A SWOT Analysis ( 314 KB ) (337 downloads) Popular
Targeting Curettage Debridement to Regions of Bioburden in DFU with Real time Bacterial Fluorescence Imaging ( 1.57 MB ) (261 downloads) Popular
TCC for FFU versus Removable Offloading Device ( 498 KB ) (350 downloads) Popular
The Benefits of a regional Interprofesional Complex Wound Centre ( 777 KB ) (207 downloads) Popular
The Use of Silver OxynitrateWound Dressings in the Treatment of Chronic Wounds Preliminary Findings ( 180 KB ) (328 downloads) Popular
Total Contact Casting for DFU within the Home and Community Care Sector ( 1.82 MB ) (671 downloads) Popular
WINNER JUDGES CHOICE - Transdermal Doxycycline A novel Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers ( 1.24 MB ) (448 downloads) Popular
WINNER PEOPLES CHOICE The best dry dressing when blood supply is poor in a leg ulcer A systematic review ( 186 KB ) (5855 downloads) Popular

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