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Canadian Association of wound care is dedicated to giving a voice to patients living with wounds.  It starts with educating, policymakers, clinicians and the general public about the needs of people with wounds.
As understanding improves, this will ensure that people living with wounds receive improved care and face fewer barriers to a healthier life.

Goals of the advocacy committee:
- Raise the profile of wound care in Canada
- Present a unified voice to approach government
- Leverage opportunities and relationships to achieve positive policy change

CAWC/ Diabetic Foot Canada and several other partnering organizations have been trying to change an overlooked health care issue -  Diabetic Foot Care.  CAWC / Diabetic Foot Canada has joined forces with RNAO & a total of 47 individuals representing over two dozen organizations have come forward to support this initiative.

A letter delivered to Premier Kathleen Wynne, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care Dr. Eric Hoskins, and Deputy Minister of Health and Long-Term Care Dr. Bob Bell on the issue of Diabetic Foot Care can be read by clicking here .

This has been the most powerful and unified message that has ever been delivered to the Government of Ontario on the issue of diabetic foot care.



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