Foot screens are a uniform approach to help ensure that all elements of the examination are completed. There are many National and International validated Diabetic Foot tools. Regardless of the screening tool used in clinical practice, it is only as effective as the clinician using it. Risk factor recognition is vital in helping clinicians predict, and hopefully prevent, the occurrence of diabetic foot ulcers.

Inlow’s 60 second Diabetic Foot Screenfeet in air
"Inlow’s 60- second Diabetic Foot Screen” screening tool aids clinicians in identifying at-risk feet. The basic 12 elements of the tool require only a 10-g monofilament, as well as good clinical knowledge and assessment skills. The tool allows the clinician to assign a value to each of the 12 elements of the screening tool. Based on the value for each category, care recommendations may be provided specific to the patient’s needs. The sum of the scores for each foot will dictate the recommended follow-up. The tool has been validated. Click here to access the tool.

This foot screen is also available in French:  view

"The most effective method for amputation prevention may simply be to have all healthcare professionals remove the shoes and socks of persons with diabetes and examine their feet!"-Dr. Paul Brand




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