Hands-on Workshops at Wounds Canada Fall Conference London

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Hands-on workshops are small group settings where attendees will have a chance to interact closely with faculty and materials related to each workshops subject matter. These workshops will take place on Thursday, November 8th, 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m at the London Convention Centre.

Please note - you must be registered to attend the Wounds Canada Fall Conference in London in order to register for a hands-on workshop.

The four hands-on workshops being held this year are:

Developing a Business Case for an Integrated Wound Care Team  

Wound care requires the participation of team members who can best provide expertise and resources to achieve effective, timely results for quality patient care, no matter what the setting. Patient outcomes improve when integrated team members participate in care, across all types of healthcare situations. It is clear that the future is for wound care teams rather than individual practitioners trying to manage the complexity of wound care on their own. This hands-on workshop provides participants with the opportunity to develop the business case for their own setting, to support the successful establishment of an integrated wound team. Workshop facilitators will discuss a framework for the business case as well as examples from a variety of clinical settings across Canada. 

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Session objectives
At the end of this session, participants will be able to
•    Define the process steps of developing a business case.
•    Identify business case components relevant to the development of their own IWCT program.
•    Discuss the completed draft of their IWCT program, based on the business case model.

Using Social Media to Strenghen Your Brand

We live in a very social interconnected world. Words matter, with Twitter becoming the quill of our time. Social media brings new conversations about wounds with more health-care professionals or patients. 
This hands-on workshop is aimed at those wishing to elevate their online presence. To be a thought leader you need superior brand authority online. This session will furnish you with easily digestible practical advice and pro-tips. You will create your own content before the end of the workshop.
Particular emphasis on how to apply best practices in digital marketing on a shoestring budget. This session builds upon a new article from Wound Care Canada titled How Wounds Canada is embracing social media to build online authority.
Session objectives
1.    Learn why a detailed understanding of your target personas and their position in a journey is a fundamental starting point for achieving your goals.
2.    Cover the basics that allow you as a health-care professional to become a leader in your field and region.
3.    Create simple content items (text, photo, quotes and video) during the session.

Conducting Wound Care Research

The field of wound care and wound healing are relatively new and high-quality research to inform practice is often lacking. Research provides both a creative and systematic way to obtain new knowledge that in turn can inform clinical care to improve patient outcomes. This 2.5-hour workshop made up of short lectures, and interactive exercises is intended for health-care providers interested in learning more about research methods in the field of wound care to improve skills both as a consumer and a researcher. No prior research experience is necessary.
Session objectives
1.    Discuss common research methods in quantitative and qualitative research.
2.    Provide an overview of the important terms used in the conduct and analysis of research.
3.    Discuss methods for appraising research studies in the wound care area.
4.    Describe an approach to the development of a research question and study.

Ostomy Care 101

Come and join your colleagues in learning the latest techniques for establishing a secure ostomy seal for your patient!  Attendees of this Ostomy workshop will receive an overview of the pathophysiology specific to the different types of ostomies.  Additionally, they will have a hands-on opportunity to work with various pouching systems and also accessory products.  The workshop will include actual video footage of people with an ostomy and optimum care practices.  
Session objectives
1.    Describe the various types of ostomies including pathophysiology.
2.    Review one-piece, two-piece pouching systems & accessory products.
3.    Discuss stomal and peristomal complications.
4.    Present management strategies to maintain healthy peristomal skin.

Attendees may pick one workshop. 

November 8th, 2018 4:00 PM   through   6:00 PM
London Convention Centre 300 York Street
London, ON N6B1P8
Phone: 4164852292
Event Fee(s)
Developing a Business Case for an Integrated Wound Care Team $ 25.00 + $ 3.25 Sales Tax
Using Social Media to Strengthen your Brand $ 25.00 + $ 3.25 Sales Tax
Conducting Wound Care Research $ 25.00 + $ 3.25 Sales Tax
*SOLD OUT*Ostomy Care 101 $ 75.00 + $ 9.75 Sales Tax

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