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Did you know four out of five lower limb amputations related to diabetic foot complications can be prevented? Everyone has a role to play in healthy foot management and the prevention of diabetes-related amputations. Dive into our resources for May Foot Health Awareness Month, and feel free to spread the word about you've learned using our hastags #savethe4 #endamputations #foothealthawarenessmonth & #MayFootHealth2021.

Patients & Care Partners: we’re here to help you manage foot health and advocate for yourself.

We have two upcoming webinars to help you on your foot care health journey: Foot Care to Prevent and Manage Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFUs) in collaboration with Diabetes Canada & Take Your Socks Off in collaboration with the Indigenous Diabetes Health Circle.
Patients and care partners are more interested than ever in taking their health into their own hands as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Don’t know where to start? Check out our popular, free and easily downloadable Care at Home series, which includes:
This simple guide for persons with diabetes and their care partners includes a daily foot exam worksheet, basic skin and nail care instructions, a shoe fit test and a list of care providers.
This easy-to-use resource includes preventative tips, a quick checklist for healthy feet, and a guide for discerning whether a situation is an emergency and planning a course of action.  
Our Diabetes, Healthy Feet and You website has a number of excellent patient resources, many of which are available in 17 languages. Click here to see all resources, which include Steps for Healthy Feet, Foot Examinations for People With Diabetes, Finding the Proper Shoe Fit and Questions to Ask your Health-care Professional. You’ll also find info on how to connect in your community.
Read about Robert Meyer’s lived experience with diabetes and foot ulcers, and learn how he manages his condition, healed his wound and prevents further foot complications.
Watch a discussion about Frank Berns’ patient journey with CEO Mariam Botros on our YouTube channel.


Health-care Professionals: we partner with you to improve understanding and increase visibility of diabetic foot health.

282 people have registered for our Limb Preservation Symposium on Friday, May 28, 2021! We’re super excited for this one-day virtual learning event planned in collaboration with the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association, where participants will be able to soak up national and international perspectives on advances in managing diabetic foot related complications. We’ve finalized the agenda, secured accreditation and are counting down the days! There’s still time to register!
Health-care professionals everywhere are struggling to adapt to the “new normal” of delivering patient care during a pandemic. Let us help you with our easy-to-use Best Practice series, which includes the go-to resource Best Practice Recommendations (BPR) for the Prevention and Management of Diabetic Foot Ulcers.
The Diabetes, Healthy Feet and You website has many helpful and reliable resources for clinicians, many of which are available in 17 languages. Click here to see all resources, which include easily downloadable resources like waiting room posters, brochures and Inlow's 60-Second Diabetic Foot Screen.
This special issue of our internationally recognized publication Wounds Care Canada focuses on the  diabetic foot and includes informative articles on empowering patients, supporting better wound care and a 60-second diabetic foot screen.
Dive into current and back issues of our peer-reviewed journal dedicated to improving understanding among stakeholders working in the area of limb preservation. Use our online portal to add your voice to the growing conversation by submitting an article for review.

Policy Makers: we collaborate with you to drive research, educate and enact change in the health-care sector.

Across Canada, 14 diabetes-related amputations are performed every day. Wounds Canada CEO Mariam Botros breaks down step-by-step preventative measures from a patient, clinician and policy maker perspective in her article Amputation Prevention: Your Role in Saving Limbs of Persons Living with Diabetic Foot Complications.
We partner with Diabetes Canada and other organizations to shine a light on gaps in the health-care system and craft strategies for improving the quality of life for patients. Learn from Diabetes Canada’s about the economic impacts of offloading devices for the prevention of amputations here, and follow with the in-depth report and infographic for each province:
British Columbia report  & infographic
Saskatchewan report & infographic
New Brunswick report & infographic
Nova Scotia report & infographic
Prince Edward Island report & infographic
Newfoundland and Labrador report & infographic