Welcome to June, the month to focus on wound healing and prevention.

Wounds Canada is at the forefront of teaching the significance of proactive measures to circumvent wounds entirely. Prevention is vital for a healthy and vibrant life.

But what if prevention isn't achievable? That's where wound management is key. Wounds Canada is passionate about the following principles:

  1. Evading all avoidable wounds
  2. Prohibiting existing wounds from escalating to complex or chronic stages
  3. Redirecting all chronic wounds onto a healing path
  4. Enhancing and sustaining an excellent quality of life for patients with non-healing wounds

We fulfill our mission by: Disseminating information about wounds to the general public, health care professionals, and government representatives, Raising awareness about the struggles wound patients encounter navigating Canada's health care system and offering solutions and Lobbying governments across Canada to prioritize wound prevention, care, and research.

In unison, we can stop wounds from getting worse and the dreadful consequences that might ensue, such as hospital admissions, amputation, or even death. Let's raise awareness about wound healing this month and enlighten others on the necessary steps to maintain healthy, wound-free skin.

Ready to amplify our message? Here's how:

  1. Join the Discussion: Interact with us on social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Follow Wounds Canada's awareness initiatives throughout June to help disseminate the message. Contribute using the hashtags #WoundHealingMonth, #WoundPrevention, and #ProtectSkin

  2. Talk Prevention: Engage your community in discussions about wound prevention. Share valuable information and resources to enhance the lives of those at risk of wounds and their families. Share your experiences if you or a loved one is dealing with a wound.

  3. Utilize Wounds Canada Resources: Visit our website for valuable knowledge on preventing wounds that can lead to amputation. Educate yourself and others about effective wound prevention and management techniques.

  4. Donate Charitably: Your benevolence can transform lives. Consider donating to Wounds Canada, helping us provide vital resources and support to those affected by wounds.

Let's share these key messages far and wide:

  1. Happy June Wound Healing Month! Let's raise awareness about wound care and proper management together. Help us expedite and improve healing. #WoundHealingMonth, #WoundPrevention and #ProtectSkin

  2. Timely & specialized #WoundManagement greatly improves patient outcomes. It not only speeds up healing, but also enhances quality of life by reducing pain, preventing complications, and minimizing the psychosocial impact of chronic wounds. Let's prioritize wound care! #WoundCare and #WoundHealingMonth

  3. Join the #WoundHealingMonth movement and equip yourself with essential resources for wound prevention and care! Check out @WoundsCanada's Our Voices, Our Stories program, featuring captivating videos, informative supplements, and insightful infographics. Learn from inspiring patient stories that illuminate the healing journey. Let's raise awareness and make a difference together! #WoundCare, #PatientStories, #WoundPrevention and #ProtectSkin
  1. Understanding your risk and taking preventive steps are key in managing wounds. They can occur to anyone, at any time. Particularly for difficult-to-heal wounds, early identification and action are essential. Don't delay until things worsen; start your path to recovery by seeking expert advice. Wounds Canada's Care at Home series is here to guide you. #WoundHealingMonth, #WoundPrevention and #SkinProtection