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Wounds Canada provides researchers in Canada with multiple forums for information exchange, including conferences, summits and this website. If you or any other personnel in your agency, institution or department would benefit from being part of this group, please encourage them to visit.

We have created a directory that is intended to collate a self-reported list of researchers and their areas of research in order to facilitate collaborations between researchers, industry, health leaders and clinicians.

Researchers are invited to participate by completing the form.

Health-care Professionals

Wounds Canada hosts more than an awesome educational experience...We also offer opportunities for you to socialise with your peers from around the country. 
Join us Friday night for complimentary* finger foods, cake and dancing! Did you know that May 12 happens to be Florence Nightingale's birthday? Come network and celebrate one of the most historical health-care professionals ever! 

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*Free for registered delegates only. $50 for tickets.

Our Fall Conference is now accredited.

Join us in Mississauga, Ontario, November 16-19.

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