What are they?

Minor burns and trauma result in minimal redress or trauma to the skin, such as blistering or minor cuts with minimal and controllable bleeding. They are common for all populations but if skin is fragile, such as in the very young and in some elderly persons, or the health of the person is compromised, healing even minor injuries can be challenging. 

How can they be prevented?

Prevention is always the first consideration. Reduction of risks in your environment that may lead to minor burns and trauma is key. These risks might include loose carpets or icy walkways.

What is the usual treatment?

Generally, the wound can be addressed by removing the cause and applying a topical dressing to prevent further injury. However, if you have conditions that could interfere with healing (such as diabetes, cancer or arthritis) your wound should be addressed and managed with guidance from a health-care professional.

When should one seek professional help?

Any time there is an inability to control the cause of the injury or an increase in pain, odour, swelling, or wound size a health-care professional should be consulted.