Wounds Canada supports Canadians who have wounds or are at risk for wounds, in part by supporting researchers working in the areas of wound prevention and/or management.

If you are doing skin- or wound-related research you may be eligible to apply for a research grant from Wounds Canada. Two grants are currently available: The Wounds Canada Open Grant I ($1000 CDN) and the Wounds Canada Open Grant II ($1000 CDN)..

To receive a research grant, the applicant must be a Wounds Canada member in good standing. Please complete the application by clicking on the button below.

The deadline for submission is Monday, August 15, 2022.

Wounds Canada Open Grant I and II ($1000 each)

The Wounds Canada Open Grant was created to support researchers in any area relating to skin health and/or wound care or patient advocacy for preventative health care relating to skin health and/or wound care.


  • The principal investigator must be
    • a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant currently active in the area of wound prevention or management in Canada
    • a member in good standing of Wounds Canada
  • The project will:
    • extend no more than two years
    • relate to wound prevention, wound management, skin health, patient or health-care professional education, advocacy or policy related to skin or wound management
    • meet ethics standards for the type of research being undertaken
    • acknowledge Wounds Canada’s contribution in published materials

Reporting Requirements

Successful applicants will be required to:

  • Report within two years that the project has been completed
  • Demonstrate within three years that the dissemination plan outlined in the application is being undertaken


Wounds Canada’s Grant Selection Committee will review applications and make their decisions based on the criteria listed above. The committee membership will consist of a combination of:

  • Researcher(s) in the area of skin and wounds and be associated with Canadian academic institutions
  • Clinical expert(s) in the area of skin and wounds
  • Patient(s)
  • Health policy expert(s)
  • Representative(s) of Wounds Canada

Applications will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • How the project supports the advancement of skin health and wound care in Canada
  • How the project meets the technical requirements of design, ethics and publication of results