Diabetic Foot Canada (with the support of Wounds Canada) has developed a program called Diabetes, Healthy Feet and You, an innovative program, for persons with diabetes. Previously known as PEP Talk, this program offers patients and caregivers information and tools towards healthier feet.

This program offers:

1. Access to workshops in communities in each province. Each workshop is led by a Peer Leader — a person with diabetes — partnered with a leading Healthcare Professional. These volunteer teams are specially trained to help you learn to care for your feet. Diabetes Healthy Feet and You program lets you learn how to care for your feet from someone like you — a person who lives with diabetes. 

2. Resources to help you manage the day-to-day care of your feet.

3. Electronic reminders – Foot care e tips

 Become a Peer Leader

You have lived it. You are well-informed when it comes to living with Diabetes. So, why not share your knowledge with your community? Becoming a Peer Leader is simple but requires a commitment.  Don’t worry, we are here to train you and support you. You won’t be doing this all alone. A health-care professional will co-facilitate workshops with you.

After being accepted, you will be required to attend a training workshop. At the end you will be able to:

• Co-facilitate a Diabetes, Healthy Feet and You 2.5 hour workshop.

• Recognize the role of the Diabetes, Healthy Feet and You program in the prevention of diabetic foot ulcers.

• Be familiar with the program content and community resources that assist in the prevention and management of diabetes and associated foot complications.

• Operationalize the workshop in your community with your coordinator

• Link participants to services focused on preventing diabetic foot ulcers.

• Link participants to services for diabetic foot screening.

• Empower participants to self-manage preventative foot care.

 Your training will be divided into three sections:

 More information will be provided once you are accepted as a peer leader.


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