Diabetic Foot Canada (a division of Wounds Canada) has created a program to help persons with diabetes care for their feet and prevent diabetic foot ulcers. Diabetic Foot Canada offers a variety of resources for clinicians involved in wound care, including educational materials, screening tools, and products for persons with diabetes. Diabetic Foot Canada e-journal is a professional publication that provides credible diabetes, diabetic foot and foot care information based on evidence and experience from clinical practice. More... 

Wound Care Canada Magazine is the professional journal of wound care. More than 10,000 health professionals consult this publication for credible information about implementing the best available evidence in wound management and prevention in their own clinical practice. More...

Diabetes, Healthy Feet and You program includes a community peer-lead workshop for patients (and their caregivers), supporting materials for clinician and screening tools. Also, we offer patient information such as: a list of questions to ask their doctor, a shoe fitting guide, video guides, an interactive online tool to help patients examine their feet, identify their risk, manage their foot care, and select appropriate footwear. 

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Supporting materials for clinician

Diabetes, Healthy Feet and You provides clinicians working with persons with diabetes multiple tools to help promote a health foot care routine.

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