Diabetes, Healthy Feet
and You

Step ahead towards a healthier you

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Congratulations on taking the steps necessary to monitor your foot health and care for your feet!  Keeping your feet healthy will require your daily attention, and we would like you to be as successful as possible in your efforts.  Please use one or more of the tools below to guide you in your foot care.

These forms are meant to be used as tools only and are not meant to be used for any diagnostic or therapeutic decisions. Specific medical concerns should be directly handled by a qualified healthcare professional.

  • Tell a friend or family member how you are planning to care for your feet and why your foot care is important to you.

  • Download and complete our Steps for Healthy Feet Checklist to clarify what you will do to take care of your feet.

  • Download and complete Your Personal Plan for Change to guide you as you develop habits to care for your feet.

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