Diabetes, Healthy Feet
and You

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Foot Examinations
It is important for people with diabetes to check the tops and bottoms of their feet. If you are unable to do this on your own, please have a family member, friend or somebody else check your feet for you. You may also find using a shatterproof mirror helpful in seeing the bottom of your feet.
To learn more, download the Foot Examinations for People with Diabetes brochure in your preferred language: EnglishFrenchUrduVietnameseSpanishTamilJapanesePunjabiGujaratiHindiChinese(HK)Chinese(PRC)Arabic
What is Neuropathy?
People with diabetes are at higher risk of developing a condition called neuropathy, where nerve sensitivity is lessened, particularly in the feet.  This means that a person may not be able to feel heat or cold, cuts, or shoes rubbing against the foot. With time, small injuries that remain untreated may lead to complications or even amputations. Diabetic neuropathies are more common in people who are overweight and/or who have high blood pressure and blood fat levels and problems controlling their blood glucose. 
To learn more, download the Neuropathy brochure in your preferred language: English, FrenchVietnameseTamilUrduSpanishTagalogKoreanPunjabiJapaneseGujaratiHindiFarsiChinese (PRC), Chinese (HK), Arabic.

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