Wounds Canada Institute (WCI) programs are a great choice for your professional development and offer quality, flexibility and multiple learning options. Most programs are based on online modules that can be taken at your own pace and convenience. In more advanced programs, the addition of live webinars, marked assignments and on-site training and testing move the learner to deeper levels of discovery and competence. Through our programs:

Individual learners can enhance their knowledge and skills, to deliver better health care and advance their own careers.

Groups of learners from the same organization can improve not only their own practices but raise the standards of their entire organization. 


If you are responsible for the professional development of your staff, we’d love to talk to you about group discounts. In addition, if you have 50 or more students, we can tailor your education requirements and provide both on-site and online education. 

Please contact us for further details, to receive a quote or to reserve a program: click here.

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