Skin Health Program for Unregulated Care Providers (UCP)
An Innovation in Skin Health Education

Are you ready to turn knowledge into action, learn to comfort and prevent complications related to skin health, and invest in your future 

Then the Unregulated Care Provider Skin Health Champion Program is for you!


This self-paced, multi-faceted program is based on the best available evidence and is designed to provide unregulated care providers:

  • Knowledge, skills, judgement and attitudes to effectively and efficiently to optimize skin health in at-risk populations
  • Spark change in their health-care communities
  • Employ an interprofessional, collaborative and person-centred approach to optimize skin health in populations at risk 

The goal of the UCP  Skin Health Champion Program (SHCP) is to empower front-line Unregulated Care Providers with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and optimize skin health in at risk populations The program uses a systematic, interprofessional, person-centred approach.

Structure of the Program


Topics Covered

  • Keeping skin healthy which includes skin anatomy and phases of wound healing
  • Common forms of skin damage and factors that contribute to this breakdown
  • Prevention and treatment of common skin issues
  • Interprofessional collaboration, communication, and patient self-management

Expected outcomes for Participants

  • Once the student successfully completes all the components of Skin and Wound Care Program for Unregulated Care Providers they will receive  a joint Certificate of Completion from Wounds Canada and the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

 We gratefully acknowledge the support and funding for the development of the Skin Health Champion Program by the Ontario Ministry of Health (MOH).