Wound Care for Community-Based Paramedics Program
- An Innovation in Wound Care Education -


Attention Community-Based Paramedics!

Are you ready to assess and treat wounds effectively and efficiently and make meaningful contributions to patient well-being?

Then the Wound Care for Community-Based Paramedics Program is for you!


Program Details


The Wound Care for Community-Based Paramedics Program is designed to equip participants with the foundational skills and knowledge necessary to excel in wound care within community settings. Through comprehensive training, participants will develop competency as advanced beginners in wound assessment, infection identification, and treatment strategies crucial for effective patient care.

The program emphasizes the ability to discern the characteristics of wounds and effectively communicate assessment findings to health-care colleagues. Discussions within the curriculum cover the identification and evaluation of various wound infections, including Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), and explore both local and systemic treatment options. Special attention is given to best practices for preventing and managing community-based wounds, particularly in high-risk and vulnerable populations.

Participants will also enhance their proficiency in selecting appropriate dressings tailored to various wound types. A thorough review of skin anatomy, physiology, and wound healing mechanisms provides participants with a solid foundational understanding essential for implementing effective wound care interventions.

Additionally, the program delves into wound healing across different age groups and genders, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of wound care principles tailored to diverse patient demographics. Upon completion of this program, advanced beginner community-based paramedics will be well-equipped to deliver high-quality wound care, making meaningful contributions to patient well-being in their communities.

Structure of the Program

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  • A 5 hour in-person learning session will be provided (minimum participants required)
  • Participants will be led by experts in wound care education 
  • Hands-on and lecture-based learning
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  • Open discussions and networking with your colleagues 


Program Topics

  • Wound assessment
  • Skin anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Infection identification
  • Treatment strategies
  • Dressing selections

Who can register?

The Wound Care for Community-Based Paramedics Program is designed for registered paramedics and other health-care professionals involved in community-based care. This includes paramedics working in ambulance services, community health-care centres, home care agencies, and other community-based health-care settings.

What is a community-based paramedic?

As defined by Eastern Ontario Community Paramedic Programs, "Community Paramedicine is about helping community members who wish to remain at home safely, and ensure they receive the care they need. The program works by having a patient referred to the paramedic services through a caregiver, hospital, physician, or with self signup through this website.

“Community Paramedicine (CP) is an innovative and evolving model of community-based healthcare designed to provide more effective and efficient services at a lower cost. Community Paramedicine allows paramedics to function outside their traditional emergency response and transport roles to help facilitate more appropriate use of emergency care resources while enhancing access to primary care for medically underserved populations.

Why register?

The Wound Care for Community-Based Paramedics Program is specifically tailored for individuals like you, providing comprehensive training that transforms participants into advanced beginners in wound care. Through this dynamic program, you will gain essential competencies in wound assessment, infection identification and treatment strategies, enabling you to excel in diverse community settings. From effective communication with health-care colleagues to a focus on infection identification and prevention, every aspect of wound care is covered extensively.

By enrolling in this hybrid program, you'll enhance your proficiency in tailored dressing selection, gain a solid foundational understanding of wound healing mechanisms and learn to provide patient-centred care across different demographics. Investing in this program means investing in your professional development and the wellbeing of your community. Upon completion, learners will emerge as a competent and confident paramedic ready to deliver high-quality wound care and make meaningful contributions to patient wellbeing.

Expected Outcomes for Participants

Once learners successfully complete all the components of this program, they will receive a certificate of completion from the Wounds Canada Institute.



For questions or inquiries, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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