Individuals with a deeper knowledge of wound prevention and management—and better judgement—can:

  • Reduce the number of wounds that occur because of lack of knowledge, inattention and inappropriate or missing early interventions
  • Provide better wound treatments to shorten the duration and severity of wounds.
  • Prevent patient suffering and improve patient quality of life
  • Lower total costs related to wounds, to individuals, health-care systems and society as a whole
  • Properly mentor and/or collaborate with other health-care professional colleagues.
  • Become experts and leaders in their field
  • Improve their opportunities for career advancement and choice

Facilities, agencies and health regions who actively support their employees’ ongoing learning demonstrate that:

  • Positive change in the culture of the organization brought about by well-trained employees can lead to significant economic and outcome improvements
  • They value their employees and support their well-being and career goals
  • They are utilizing a best practice approach to care, reducing adverse events and providing a high level of care
  • Patient and provider experiences are important outcome measures

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