Skin Health Advocate and Resource Professional (SHARP) Program
for Regulated Health-Care Providers
- An Innovation in Wound Education -

Attention Regulated Health-Care Providers!

It is imperative to prevent wounds and their complications and for front-line health-care clinicians to acquire the knowledge needed to identify patients at risk for wounds.

Using a systematic approach, the SHARP Program aims to educate on preventative and treatment measures.


Program Details:

This self-paced, multi-faceted, comprehensive and longitudinal program is based on the best available evidence, including the content of Wounds Canada’s Foundations of Best Practice for Skin and Wound Management articles, with the aim of increasing health-care clinicians' competencies in wound prevention and care.

Participants are expected to develop the foundational knowledge, critical thinking skills and attitudes to care for and support people with or at risk for common hard-to-heal wounds.

Structure of the Program:

Structure of the program icon1
  • 23 highly interactive online modules
  • 8 live webinars & access to asynchronous discussion forum with program faculty
Structure of the program icon2
  • Archived version available to view if not be able to attend live session
Structure of the program icon3
  • 2 robust outcome measures
  • 45 hours on average to complete, self paced
  • Prerequisites: None
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  • NOTE: students are not eligible to receive academic credits for the time spent viewing archived webinars


Program Topics

  • Skin and Wound Anatomy and Physiology
  • The Wound Prevention and Management Cycle
  • Local Wound Care
  • The Prevention and Management of Common Wound Types, including diabetic foot ulcers, pressure injuries, surgical wound complications, skin tears, venous leg ulcers, burns, peripheral arterial ulcers, and moisture-associated skin damage.

Who Can Register

Regulated Health-Care Providers are eligible to register in this program.

The program was designed by Wounds Canada in collaboration with the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario for regulated health-care providers who self-identify as advanced-beginners in their skin health and wound care knowledge and skills.

Why register:

Enrolling in the Skin Health Advocate and Resource Professional Program for Regulated Health-Care Providers represents a strategic investment for healthcare clinicians seeking to elevate their proficiency in the specialized domain of skin and wound care.

This self-paced initiative is rooted in the latest evidence-based practices, drawing extensively from Wounds Canada's Foundations of Best Practice for Skin and Wound Management articles.

The program's longitudinal structure ensures not only a comprehensive understanding of evidence-based care but also the cultivation of critical thinking skills essential for adeptly navigating intricate wound scenarios.

The program's flexibility enables healthcare professionals to progress at their own pace, culminating in a University of Toronto certificate of attendance. By completing this program, participants acquire a well-rounded knowledge, empowering them to positively influence patient outcomes and contribute significantly to the nuanced field of wound prevention and care.

Expected Outcomes for Participants

▹ Once the student successfully completes all the components of this interprofessional program, they will receive a Letter of Accreditation from Wounds Canada and, if a minimum of 39.0 hours has been completed, a joint Certificate of Completion in Continuing Professional Development from Wounds Canada and Continuing Professional Development, Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto.


▹ Now accredited by the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine Continuing Professional Development


Program Cost

$1,750.00 + tax