Why take this program?

Skin is the largest organ in the body, supported by a number of underlying structures. To promote the health of skin clinicians need to appreciate, recognize, and comprehend both the complex nature of skin and what lies beneath. It is equally important that clinicians understand the normal phases of wound healing so that they can support optimal prevention and management of skin breakdown using a systematic approach.

Who should take this program?

Based on the content of Wounds Canada's Best Practice Recommendation articles, the aim of this self-paced, interactive, on-line program is to enhance the skin health and wound prevention and management knowledge of nurses and allied health-care professionals. Professionals who self-identify as a novice or advanced beginners in their skin health and wound prevention and management knowledge will benefit from this program.

 What does this program offer?

This program will review the basic anatomy, physiology, and functions of the skin and its underlying structures, the basic principles of normal wound healing physiology, and fundamental differences in skin and wound healing relating to age and gender. By completing readings and successfully answering knowledge check questions, students will demonstrate knowledge of the Wound Prevention and Management Cycle, wound assessment, local wound care, and common types of acute and chronic wounds and their risk factors.

What will I receive once I complete this program?

Once the student successfully completes all of the program components (online modules and program evaluation), they will receive a certificate of successful completion.

Time: 8-9 hours on average to complete, self-paced

Pre-requisites: None

Program cost: $145.00 + tax