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From the Editor-in-Chief
Ahmed Kayssi MD MSc MPH FRCSC

Wounds Canada News

Addressing Health Disparities And Fostering Resilience 
James Peters and Christine Kenel-Peters

Co-creating Pathways To Move Forward In Limb Preservation: A Quality Improvement Approach
Amanda L. Mayo MD MHSc FRCPC

Challenges And Approaches To Providing Health Care To Indigenous Populations In Nova Scotia
Matthew L Smith MSc RPVI FRCSC;Jack Rasmussen MD;Carl Marshall CCFP and Erik Mandawe MD

Enhancing Diabetes Care And Preventing Foot Ulcers In Indigenous Communities: Two Examples Of A Holistic Approach In The Province of Quebec
Virginie Blanchette PhD DPM; Loredana Talos IPSSA - endocrinology MUHC; Stéfanny Bleau Inf MSc; Karine Lamothe Inf ISPSCC (c) and Marie-Hélène Garneau TP

Advancing Wound Care And Lower Limb Preservation In Northwestern Ontario Through Dedicated People, Pathways And Technology
Allison Luther BScOT; Shelley Tees MClSc-WH HBScN RN;Jeremy Caul RN BScN WOCC(c);
Jackie Wesley and Mary MacDonald MD PhD

The Saskatchewan Lower Extremity Wound Pathway: A Missed Opportunity
Nicholas Peti MD FRCSC FSVS; Jennifer Culig MD FRCSC and Erin Peti RN

The Impact Of The Zivot Limb Preservation Centre
Alisha Poonja DPM FACFAS

FEET: First Nations Empowerment Through Enabling Technology: An Indigenous-led Health Pilot For Diabetic Foot Ulcer Prevention
Justine Jones MBA; Cheryl Sorensen RN; Kristen Smith LPN and Breanne Everett MD MBA