What is a wound?

Wounds can be known as cuts, sores or even ulcers located on the skin. What is not commonly known is that the skin is considered wounded even when it is not open. When the skin appears purple, firm or hardened it could indicate that the damage is deep under the skin and it may eventually erupt into a large wound.

How do we care for wounds?

The most important aspect of wound management is prevention! However, wound prevention and management can be challenging, particularly when the person with a wound or at risk for a wound is living with complicating factors that may increase risk or prolong the healing of existing wounds.

We can support optimal prevention and management of skin breakdown by using the following three guiding principles:

  1. The use of a logical and systematic approach, regardless of the specifics, to prevent and manage skin breakdown
  2. The constant and accurate flow of multidirectional and meaningful information with the wound care team
  3. You, the patient, as a part of the wound care team and at the core of all decision making

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