Wounds Canada’s Reach

Wounds Canada is committed to a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to wound management and prevention to improve the health of Canadians, and this philosophy extends to include our partners and colleagues in industry.

Wounds Canada has a large and growing audience of health-care professionals, policy-makers, people in industry, educators, patients, key opinion leaders  and the general public. We reach our audience on a regular basis in many ways:

  • live educational events (single- and multi-day events, like our hands-on workshops, and the spring and fall conferences)
  • a large mailing list
  • social media (Twitter and Facebook and our active Diabetic Foot Community);
  • regular bulletins and informative e-blasts
  • two nationally and internationally recognized publications (Wound Care Canada and Diabetic Foot Canada e-Journal)
  • this website
  • published materials (resources, tools, best practice guidelines, educational workbooks)

Wounds Canada also cultivates and maintains strategic partnerships that expand our reach even further.

Working Together

Common goals:

  • making wound prevention and care accessible
  • educating frontline clinicians and patients on everything currently available in the area of wound prevention and care
  • influencing government policies through advocacy and research programs to support best practice and help increase awareness and advance the cause of wound prevention and care in every province and territory
  • supporting gatherings of health-care professionals (e.g., conferences and hands-on workshops)
  • increasing awareness in patients on how to prevent and manage wounds
  • developing and sustaining relationships with key opinion leaders and Wounds Canada members
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