Wounds Canada’s Reach

Wounds Canada is committed to a collaborative interdisciplinary approach to wound management and prevention to improve the health of Canadians, and this includes our industry partners and colleagues.

Wounds Canada has a large and growing audience of health-care professionals, policy-makers, people in industry, educators, patients, key opinion leaders  and the general public. We reach our audience on a regular basis in many ways:

  • Virtual educational events such as workshops and conferences
  • A large and expanding mailing list
  • Social media (Twitter, Facebook along with our active Diabetic Foot Community, LinkedIn, Instagram)
  • Regular e-blasts
  • Two nationally and internationally recognized publications: Wound Care Canada and Limb Preservation in Canada
  • This website
  • Published materials (resources, tools, best practice guidelines, educational workbooks)
  • Cultivating and maintaining strategic partnerships that expand our reach even further

Wounds Canada works with a variety of stakeholders with the goal to improve the quality of life for Canadians at risk of developing wounds or living with wounds. Stakeholders include industry such as medical device, medical technology and wound care dressing companies that play a crucial role of bringing new equipment, diagnostics, and treatments for wound care to the market.

Recognizing the value that industry brings to skin and wound care patients, Wounds Canada is committed to:

  • Always placing the best interests of people at risk of developing or living with wounds at the forefront
  • Being transparent about its relationships with all stakeholders in its communications
  • Ensuring clear agreements are in place that outline the nature and scope of sponsorships
  • At the core of its stakeholder relationships, Wounds Canada collaborates with honesty, transparency, and accountability to avoid any conflicts of interest.

Wounds Canada values the important contribution of all its sponsors, however, it is not able to provide direct endorsements of any product, service or treatment.

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Working Together

Common goals:

  • Making wound prevention and care accessible
  • Educating frontline clinicians and patients on everything currently available in the area of wound prevention and care
  • Influencing government policies through advocacy and research programs to support best practice and help advance the cause of wound prevention and care in Canada
  • Supporting virtual gatherings of health-care professionals 
  • Increasing patient awareness on how to prevent and manage wounds e.g. Care at Home series
  • Developing and sustaining relationships with key opinion leaders and Wounds Canada members