Wounds Canada is the voice for Canadian people at risk of or living with wounds and their providers.

Established in 1995, Wounds Canada is a charitable organization dedicated to the advancement of wound prevention and management for all Canadians. We accomplish this by advocating for a population health approach that promotes best practices to support persons at risk of or living with wounds, health decision makers and frontline clinicians. We develop and provide educational programs and resources as well as support research to further advance this holistic, risk-based approach. We foster relationships with interested individuals and organizations to expand and sustain a robust wound community in Canada that also has mutually beneficial global connections. Our goal is to reduce the prevalence and incidence of wounds of all types and the negative consequences they bring—including patient suffering and wasted health-care dollars. 


A Canada where preventable wounds do not occur and persons living with wounds receive the best possible care.


Wounds Canada is dedicated to a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to wound management, and prevention to improve the health of Canadians. We focus our efforts in four key areas:


Professional education, to enhance health-care professionals’ knowledge, skills and attitudes, is delivered through online modules, onsite workshops, peer-reviewed publications and annual conferences.

Public information and education is available to patients and their care partners on how to prevent and manage wounds through workshops, online programs and information available on the Wounds Canada website.


Research, to measure the burden of wounds in Canada and to enhance understanding of effective wound prevention and management, is ongoing. This research is usually done with universities, health ministries, agencies/institutions and/or with industry collaborations.

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Advocacy and Awareness

Wounds Canada is dedicated to giving a voice to patients living with wounds or at risk for wounds to ensure that people living with wounds receive improved care and face fewer barriers to a healthier life.

The goals of advocacy at Wounds Canada include:

  • Raising the profile of the issues surrounding wounds in Canada
  • Presenting a unified voice for approaching governments when seeking policy change and resource allocation
  • Leveraging opportunities and relationships to achieve positive policy change at all levels


Wounds Canada creates partnerships with individuals, governments, industry, institutions and other non-profit organizations. We share information and resources to produce programs to support improved patient outcomes.

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