A webcast is an excellent vehicle to reach a large audience very cost-effectively. Webcasts produced through Wounds Canada can reach your target populations all across Canada, once as a live event and then as an archived online resource.

Archived webcasts: view

Services included part of the webcast package:
  • All pre- and post-production work, including scheduling, speaker preparation and marketing plans
  • Registration and administrative support leading up to broadcast day
  • Branding of webcast and marketing materials
  • Post-production services
  • Hosting of online archive for a minimum of 12 months
 Marketing Support Details
  • Development of marketing/promotional materials for the event
  • Social media presence via Wounds Canada
  • Our marketing team will send out one dedicated email blast to the outlined target audience through Wounds Canada
 Following the webcast, you will receive:
  • A guaranteed minimum of 12 months of unlimited access to the archived/on-demand event including web hosting on the Wounds Canada websites     
  • A copy of any questions asked and a participant registration list (excluding email) following the event
  • A file of the webcast to repost on your website
  • Basic analytics – how many viewers watched the webcast during the broadcast session
 Sponsor Responsibility

To ensure a successful webcast that will create buzz about your company and products, you will need to provide the following:

  • Topic
  • Description of the topic and title
  • Speaker and speaker honorarium
  • High-resolution company logo
  • Moderator for event (optional)

If you are interested in sponsoring a webcast or webinar please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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