Folder Posters from Spring 2018 Conference


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2018 Winnipeg Posters ( 4.72 MB ) (1031 downloads) Popular
A Call to Action: Identifying Hard to Heal Venous Leg Using Validated Risk Assessment Tools and Early Intervention of Adjunctive Therapy ( 253 KB ) (374 downloads) Popular
Building on trust and using collaboration to develop a preventative foot care program at Oak Table Inc ( 153.98 MB ) (693 downloads) Popular
Diabetes self-management education in the Haitian community ( 625 KB ) (481 downloads) Popular
Diabetic foot care providers’ perspectives on barriers and facilitators to delivering patient-focused foot care services: A qualitative descriptive study ( 1.66 MB ) (357 downloads) Popular
Friction and hydrocolloid dressings, a comparative in-vitro study ( 113 KB ) (364 downloads) Popular
Home Care Practice Change in Compression Wrapping ( 116 KB ) (592 downloads) Popular
Integrating Early Use of an Innovative Adjunctive Therapy into Venous Leg Ulcer Pathways: a Paradigm Shift ( 61 KB ) (375 downloads) Popular
New Venous Leg Ulcers Achieve Wound Closure in an Average of 3 Weeks with an Innovative Muscle Pump Activator Device ( 473 KB ) (394 downloads) Popular
Prevention of Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFU) Through Risk Identification ( 334 KB ) (351 downloads) Popular
Product evaluation of a moisture-wicking fabric with an antimicrobial silver complex ( 162 KB ) (372 downloads) Popular
Psychosocial and spiritual issues related to living with a DFU ( 777 KB ) (454 downloads) Popular
Wound Dressing Selection (WounDS) App: A Clinical Decision‐Making Tool for Family Medicine Residents ( 752 KB ) (669 downloads) Popular
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