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Research field(s)
Arterial wounds, Basic Science, Diabetes related wounds, Diagnostics, Epidemiology, Infection/Microbiology, Health economics, Pressure Injuries, Surgical Wounds, Wound Healing, Venous leg ulcers
McMaster University
Hamilton Health Sciences
Vascular Surgery
MBBS, FRACS, Doctor of Surgery
Professor, McMaster University
Surgeon in Chief Hamilton Health Sciences
Areas of research interest
Biomarkers in wound healing, genetics of chronic wounds, prevention of infection in surgical wounds, risk assessment of sitting pressure ulcers in spinal cord injury,
role of growth factors and protease inhibition in chronic wounds
Active projects
1. Biomarkers in venous and diabetic wounds
2. prevention of infection in cardiac and vascular surgery wounds
3. role of protease inhibition combined with topical growth factors in wound healing
4. Risk assessment for sitting pressure ulcers in spinal cord injury
5. Risk factor self management in peripheral vascular disease
Recent publications/presentations
Hard to diagnose and potentially fatal: slow aortic erosion post spinal fusion. Ip EWK, Bourke VC, Stacey MC, Begley P, Ritter JC. Journal of Emergency medicine 2014; 46: 335-340.
Effectiveness of an acellular synthetic matrix in the treatment of hard-to-heal leg ulcers. Harding K, Aldons P, Edwards H, Stacey M, Finlayson K, Gibb M, Jemkins L, Shooter G, Van Lonkhuyzen D, Lynam E, heinrich E, Upton Z. Int Wound J, 2014; 11 (2): 129–137
Practice. Stacey MC. Research and Humanities in Medical Education. 2016; 3: 22-24.
Why wounds don’t heal. Stacey MC. Wounds International . 2016; 7: 16-21.
Technology-Enabled Remote Monitoring and Self-Management - Vision for Patient Empowerment Following Cardiac and Vascular Surgery: User Testing and Randomized Controlled Trial Protocol. McGillion M, Yost J, Turner A, Bender D, Scott T, Carroll S, Ritvo P, Peter E, Lamy A, Furze G, Krull K, Dunlop V, Good A, Dvirnik N, Bedini D, Naus F, Pettit S, Henry S, Probst C, Mills J, Gossage E, Travale I, Duquette J, Taberner C, Bhavnani S, Khan JS, Cowan D, Romeril E, Lee J, Colella T, Choinière M, Busse J, Katz J, Victor JC, Hoch J, Isaranuwatchai W, Kaasalainen S, Ladak S, O'Keefe-McCarthy S, Parry M, Sessler DI, Stacey M, Stevens B, Stremler R, Thabane L, Watt-Watson J, Whitlock R, MacDermid JC, Leegaard M, McKelvie R, Hillmer M, Cooper L, Arthur G, Sider K, Oliver S, Boyajian K, Farrow M, Lawton C, Gamble D, Walsh J, Field M, LeFort S, Clyne W, Ricupero M, Poole L, Russell-Wood K, Weber M, McNeil J, Alpert R, Sharpe S, Bhella S, Mohajer D, Ponnambalam S, Lakhani N, Khan R, Liu P, Devereaux PJ. JMIR Res Protoc. 2016 Aug 1;5(3):e149.
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