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Looking at P Values: Did the Study Results Happen by Chance Alone? (French and English article)
By M. Gail Woodbury, PHD, BSCPT; Janet Kuhnke, BSN, MS, ET
Wound Sleuth
By Rob Miller, MD, FRCPC;Cathy Burrows, BSCN, MSCN

Moist Wound Healing: Past and Present
By Marlene A. Varga, RN, BSCN, IIWCC

Special Considerations in Wound Bed Preparation 2011: An Update
By R. Gary Sibbald, BSC, MD, MED, FRCPC(MED DERM), MACP, FAAD, MAPWCA; Laurie Goodman, BA, RN, MHSCN; Kevin Y. Woo, PHD, RN, FAPWCA; Diane L.Krasner, PHD, RN, CWCN, CWS, MAPWCA, FAAN; Hiske Smart, MA, RN, PGDIP (UK), IIWCC;Gulnaz Tariq, RN, BSN, PG, Dip (Pak);Elizabeth A. Ayello, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC,CWON, MAPWCA, FAAN; Robert E. Burrell, PhD, MSc; David H. Keast, MD, MSc, BSc(Hon),DipEd, CCFP, FCFP;Dieter Mayer, MD, FEBVS, FAPWCA; Linda Norton, BScOT, OT Reg(ONT), MScCH; Richard “Sal” Salcido, MD

Plaie chirurgicale de fasciite nécrosante causée par le pyoderma gangrenosum
By Éric Marcotte, MD, MSC;Marc-Antoine Despatis, MD, FRCSC;Anne Meziat-Burdin, MD

A Patient's Recovery from Emergency Surgery: John Gregory Discusses His Surgery and the Physical and Psychological Ramifications of a Protracted Recovery
By John Gregory