A popular program for industry comes in the form of promotional educational materials developed with Wounds Canada. These provide a cost-effective way for industry to get their message out to our targeted audience of skin and wound decision-makers through the use of expert opinion combined with the best available evidence. Experience from past advertorials and PDs indicates that these are audience favourites.

Here’s how it works

One of our communications experts works with your company and the expert of your choice to create a one- or two-page promotional piece. Common formats include Q and A, background information with commentary by the expert and announcements about new products. Wounds Canada provides graphic design and layout expertise to create a polished, engaging turnkey document. The final product is then placed in one or both of our major publications as an advertorial or Presentation Digest feature. Both of the advertorials and Presentation Digests are excellent value-added tools for your reps throughout the year, as they can be printed and handed out or distributed electronically.


An advertorial is a one- or two-page piece that looks similar to an ad and contains content specific to your product and objectives but has an educational/informational rather than sales focus.

  • Distribution: To be published in an issue of Wound Care CanadaDiabetic Foot Canada e-Journal (or both) following the conference
  • Extra: Clickable hyperlinks to take readers to your website
  • Value: Online analytics indicate our advertorials are reader favourites

Presentation Digests (PDs):

The sponsored sessions at Wounds Canada conferences often contain valuable content that deserves to live on after the conference is over. The PDs are two-page summaries of your sponsored presentation, created by our staff and your speaker.  Click here to view an example of a pdf Presentation Digest  (178 KB)


  •  A concise report two pages in length
  •  Provided to the sponsor as a PDF to be posted on line or printed
  •  Versatile format – distribution can be by representatives or electronically
  •  Sponsored sessions and handouts are popular with attendees

Wounds Canada offers a Turn-key Program:

  • Wounds Canada prepares a manuscript covering session highlights
  • The manuscript is reviewed by the sponsor and the presenter
  • A layout is produced that is polished and engaging, including call-outs of key messages and graphic material (illustrations and photos)
  • The layout is done using the Wounds Canada branded Presentation Digest masthead, adding credibility
  • Flexible format can include Q&A, a link to a company or product website and logo

Note: The Advertorial and Presentation Digest programs do not in any way suggest endorsement of any product or company. Wounds Canada is simply the co-creator and distribution facilitator.

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