Violet's Story

Violet*, a woman in her 40s, sought immediate care and received a total cast when she broke her leg. Despite following all directions provided to her, her leg still had not recovered after wearing the cast for two months. Her doctor said she needed to have surgery. Six weeks after surgery, Violet was concerned because her pain continued, her leg was swollen, and her wound was draining and still not healed. She followed up with the doctor again and was told to just keep her leg up,  clean the wound with soap and water and leave it open to air. Violet decided something was not right. She spoke with a friend who is a health-care professional and knew a wound care expert who agreed to see Violet. After seeing the specialist, her wound started progressing well and the healing was achieved in four weeks and three days.

In this video, Violet shares her story and highlights the importance of having access to a wound care specialist. She also provides advice for people with similar situations, health-care providers and government.

* Pseudonym provided by the patient.

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