Below, you can find a list of currently available archived webinars.



 Air date



Mölnlycke: Understanding the Value of Guideline-Based Practice for Pressure Injuries

February 28, 2024

51 min

Smith+Nephew: Strategies for Infection Management and Biofilm Defense

January 24, 2024

55 min

Baxter: Optimizing Skin Care: Microclimate and Pressure Injury Management

November 7, 2023

1 hour

Smith+Nephew: Mastering the art of stepping across from tNPWT to sNPWT

October 24, 2023

58 min

Molnlycke: It’s About Exudate

September 13, 2023

1 hour

Molnlycke: Mepilex® Border Post-op: Use in a Total Joint Practice

November 3, 2022

40 min

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