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3M: Wrapping Up For Lymphedema  March 7, 2023 click here to watch 57 min
Molnlycke: Mepilex® Border Post-op: Use in a Total Joint Practice November 3, 2022 click here to watch 40 min
Cardinal Health: Changing the Paradigm, Supporting Patient Transition to Home Care Using a Disposable Canister Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Device September 21, 2021 click here to watch 1 hour
Essity Webinar: An Easy Approach to Wound Cleaning and Debridement: the Role of Non-Medicated Antimicrobial Dressings in Antimicrobial Stewardship June 23, 2021 click here to watch 1 hour
Moleculight Webinar: How Point-of-Care Bacterial Fluorescence Imaging is
Improving Care, Costs and Healing
June 15, 2021 click here to watch 48 min
Perfuse Webinar: Wound Healing SOS*: the geko™ Device to the Rescue May 5, 2021 click here to watch  1 hour
Webinaire de Mölnlycke: Évaluation et gestion optimale de l’exsudat: les impacts cliniques November 25, 2020 cliquez ici pour regarder 1 hour
URGO Medical Webinar: Clean It Like You Mean It: Introducing Vashe® Wound Solution November 10, 2020 click here to watch 1 hour














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