Building a Community of Practice.

Networking with Wound Care Leaders.

Collaborating with the Broader Wounds Canada Community.


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The Wound Care Leadership Initiative is designed to connect and integrate wound care leaders from across Canada into a shared community. The initiative is based on a framework that aims to create a Community of Practice (CoP). Click here to learn more about the framework and Wounds Canada’s approach. 

The initiative builds and supports leadership in wound care via virtual webinars, an online forum, mentorship and various projects hosted by Wounds Canada. Leadership growth and development is structured around three pillars:

  • Building a Community of Practice
  • Networking for Wound Care Leaders
  • Collaborating with the Broader Wounds Canada Community
Why Apply

Our leaders will find support, new opportunities and lasting connections through this initiative. Our integrated approach ensures that each leader has the tools and support needed to grow their leadership abilities. 


Our new podcast series is set to air in the fall of 2021! Join us as we discuss the programs and initiatives our leaders have been working on in their communities.

Several leaders have published in our journal, Wound Care Canada. Click here, here and here to read the articles.


Meet the Team

Our Co-Leads work as architects with Wounds Canada to create and maintain the initiative. 

Our Mentors have extensive experience in wound care and leadership. Each brings a wealth of knowledge to help guide and support our leaders.


Darren Levine

Darren LevineDarren Levine Ed.D. is a leadership educator and coach. He teaches at the post-secondary level and has worked in non-profit, government, academic and social innovation contexts.


Joel Alleyne

Joel AlleyneJoel Alleyne is a researcher, consultant, entrepreneur and educator. He has a vast array of experience in the public and private sectors across the Americas and Europe.

2021 Successful Candidates

  • Monica Aikman, Registered Nurse
  • Helen Arputhanathan, Registered Nurse
  • Michelle Barker, Registered Nurse
  • Frank Berns - Patient Advocate
  • Virginie Blanchette, Podiatrist
  • Eric Bly, Physician
  • Jeremy Caul, Registered Nurse
  • Idevania Costa, Registered Nurse
  • Jacques Deschenes, Registered Nurse
  • Celine Feagan, Physiotherapist
  • Christine Fenton, Registered Nurse
  • Virgnia Fleming, Registered Nurse
  • Tanya Girouard, Registered Nurse
  • Katherine Grant, Registered Nurse
  • Carolyn Kelly, Occupational Therapist
  • Leslie Kirley, Occupational Therapist
  • Allison Lachaine, Registered Nurse
  • Perry Mayer, Physician
  • Bernadette Mitchell-McDonald, Registered Nurse
  • Josh Moralejo, Registered Nurse
  • Linda Moss, Patient Advocate
  • Wendy Niepsuj, Registered Nurse
  • Amanda Parsons, Registered Nurse
  • Susan Penzner, Patient Advocate
  • Anic Perrier, Registered Nurse
  • Alan Rogers, Surgeon
  • Shivani Sukhdeo, Chiropodist
  • Leila Yazdanpanah, Physician

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