This program, delivered through two online courses, one full-day on-site skills lab, and a webinar, is aimed at nurses and allied health professionals who self-identify as a novice or advanced beginner in their knowledge and skills related to venous leg ulcer prevention, assessment, and management. The program provides the opportunity to refine fundamental skills relevant to the assessment and management of venous leg ulcers, such as ankle-brachial pressure index testing, monofilament testing, gait assessment, assessment of ankle and leg range of motion (ROM), selection and application of compression wraps and garments and ROM exercises.

The program is based on the concepts and content in the Wounds Canada document, Best Practice Recommendations for the Prevention and Management of Venous Leg Ulcers, and provides students with the most recent information in a form they can immediately use at the bedside. Once the student successfully completes all the interactive modules (courses) in this program, the on-site skills workshop and webinar, they will receive a certificate of successful completion.

Time: 10–11 hours on average to complete
Pre-requisites: Successful completion of the Best Practice Approach to Skin Health and Wound Management: Knowledge (A100MNN).
Program cost (all required courses excluding the pre-requisite): $285.00 + tax

Next date for skills lab: TBD
Time: N/A
Location: N/A

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