Updated Product Pickers

Set of Product Pickers – 8 ½” x 11” bi-fold brochure style dressing enablers that are the perfect combination of resources to help you in your wound dressing search and selection.  To purchase a hard copy: click here

1. Product Picker Formulary: The Wound Dressing Formulary describes common wound dressings in generic categories and lists usage considerations.   PP Formulary Image

 Wound Dressing Formulary


2. Product Picker Selection Guide: The Wound Dressing Selection Guide helps users choose appropriate primary and secondary dressings based on common clinical situations and wound care goals.  This enabler also gives users the opportunity to write in the brand names of products (next to the generic names) that are available to them in their workplaces making this guide even more useful! PP Wound Sel Guide Image

Wound Dressing Selection Guide



3. Product Picker to Control of Venous Leg Edema: This product picker guide helps users choose the appropriate compression system for the reduction of venous leg edema.

 WC Product Picker Control of Venous Leg Edema ltr 1691r2EControl of Venous Leg Edema




4. Product Picker Offloading: click here

The latest addition to our family of product pickers, the Offloading Plantar Pressures in Diabetes guide helps users choose the most appropriate offloading device for patients with plantar diabetic foot ulcers based on the needs of the patient, their wound and environmental and system factors.PP Offloading grouped image

Product Picker Offloading

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