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10 comprehensive chapters designed for clinicians and advocates.

Wounds Canada is proud to offer online information that supports the application of best practice across the spectrum of care. Our Best Practice Recommendations are the most popular resources used by frontline clinicians, students and policy makers to inform their practice. These recommendations have been developed by experts on each topic and are based on the latest research evidence. They are presented using the Wound Prevention and Management Cycle to help guide frontline clinicians and health decision makers through a step-by-step process that addresses the assessments and interventions of factors that may interfere with skin integrity or affect wound healing. Updates occur on a regular schedule or when significant changes are needed due to new research.

The Best Practice Recommendations come in several forms to fit the needs of users. Foundations of Best Practice for Skin and Wound Management is a 612-page book containing the full set of recommendations plus an initial chapter that provides an overview of skin anatomy and physiology and the wound healing process. It is recommended that this document be read before using any of the other forms of the best practice recommendations (BPRs). The full document can be purchased for download from the Wounds Canada eboutique for CAD $9.99 plus applicable taxes.

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