Every four hours, someone across Canada has a lower limb amputation due to a non-healing or infected diabetic foot ulcer (Diabetes Canada, 2015). Research shows this number is on the rise, with the average lower-limb amputation rate in Ontario twice as high as other high-income jurisdictions with publicly funded health systems (Hussain et al., 2019; Behrendt, 2018).

Regular foot care and foot checks can reduce complications; however, roughly half of Canadians with diabetes do not participate in screening (Boodoo et al., 2018).

November is Diabetes Awareness Month and World Diabetes Day is November 14, 2023!

Wounds Canada is pleased to join our partners in the Limb Preservation Alliance by participating in this important campaign to raise awareness of and confront diabetes as a critical global health issue.

Limb Preservation Alliance

Earlier this year Wounds Canada joined forces with the American Limb Preservation Society, the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association and D-Foot International to create a Limb Preservation Alliance to address, promote and advocate for limb preservation. The new alliance aligns with Wounds Canada’s mission to enable health-care providers to improve their practice and ensure the best possible care for persons with wounds or at risk for developing wounds. 

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Important stats about Diabetes

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What can you do to raise awareness during Diabetes Awareness Month and World Diabetes Day?

Get involved!

  • Follow Wounds Canada on social media, and amplify our message and important prevention resources throughout the month of November.

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  • Use the hashtags #DiabetesAwarenessMonth and #WorldDiabetesDay to post your own awareness message and join the global conversation.
  • Share your diabetes story as a patient, caregiver or health-care provider on social media and through our online submission portals: Patient/Caregiver Stories and Health-care Provider Stories.
  • Attend one of D-Foot International's Diabetes Awareness Week events, click here for more information.


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Diabetic Footcare Pathway



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