Four out of five lower limb amputations related to diabetic foot complications can be prevented.

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Join Us in Raising Awareness this May!
There’s lots of ways to participate.

Everyone from patients and caregivers to health-care providers and policy makers has a role to play in healthy foot management and the prevention of diabetes-related amputations. Join us on social media this May to raise awareness for this important cause and to take steps towards enacting positive change in our health-care systems. Download our communications plan here!



1. SaveThe4 Selfie

Take a four-finger selfie to represent the four limbs that could be saved with increased awareness of diabetic foot complications. Post your photo using our hashtags and encourage friends and colleagues to do the same! Tag us on Instagram and Twitter at @WoundsCanada.


2. Snap a Photo with One of Our Printable Posters

Show your support for foot health by posting a photo of you holding one of our downloadable posters - option 1 or option 2. Post your photo to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn! Use our hashtags and tag us on Instagram and Twitter at @WoundsCanada.


3. Create Your Own Social Media Message or Use Our Suggested Posts

Create your own social media messaging on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn using our hashtags and the suggested key messages and social media examples below. Tag us, along with local MPPs, MLAs, MPs and non-profits. Share our #SaveThe4 infographic in French or English, along with the Amputation Prevention Infographic for whatever province you reside in:


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Add something special to your Instagram stories by using our brand-new Wounds Canada Foot Health Awareness months stickers! Search Wounds Canada, Foot Health Awareness Month, Save The 4 or Act Against Amputation in the GIPHY search bar to find them. And don't forgot to tag us!


5. Share Your Own Wound Care Story

Share your story related to #FootHealthAwarenessMonth as a patient, caregiver or health-care provider on social media and through our online submission portals: Patient/Caregiver Stories and Health-care Provider Stories.


6. Amplify the Message in Your Communities

Contact your local radio station, newspaper and community groups and let them know about #FootHealthAwarenessMonth!


Key Messages to Share

  • Every patient with diabetes and foot complications can #SaveThe4 by learning the importance of self-management. Wounds Canada has a variety of resources to help patients, caregivers, health-care providers and policy makers #SaveThe4 and #ActAgainstAmputation on our Wounds Canada and Diabetes, Healthy Feet and You websites. (We’ll be highlighting our favourites throughout the month. Please share any that you find helpful!)
  • The lifetime risk of developing a foot ulcer for diabetic patients may be as high as 25%, but could be drastically lowered through simple preventative measures like an integrated diabetic foot care pathway.
  • There are five key elements that underpin efforts to prevent foot ulcers: identifying the at-risk foot; regularly inspecting and examining the at-risk foot; educating the patient, family and health- care providers; ensuring routine wearing of appropriate footwear; and treating risk factors for ulceration.
  • One in four of all people with diabetes who have a loss of sensation to their feet will develop an ulcer in their lifetime. Four out of five of the resulting amputations are preventable. Every day 14 people lose a lower limb due to a diabetic foot ulcer that did not heal properly.
  • The pandemic has left our long-term care homes are in crisis, our health-care systems strained and our health-care providers burnt out. Patients need to receive holistic, patient-centred care from interprofessional health-care teams. To reduce unnecessary hospitalizations, governments need to ensure people with diabetes receive the integrated care they need to prevent complications like diabetic foot ulcers and amputations.

Sample Social Media Posts