#EndAmputation & #SaveThe4 Selfie Social Media Campaign

About the Campaign
Four out of five lower limb amputations related to diabetic foot complications can be prevented. Wounds Canada is using November 14th, 2020, World Diabetes Day, to increase awareness about the problem of unnecessary diabetes-related foot amputations and provide resources and solutions. We’re trying to “end the four” of five amputations that wouldn’t happen if more people knew how to prevent them.

Wounds Canada has put together a strategy for a national social media campaign to #EndDiabetes and #PreventAmputations. By working together on this campaign, we can increase the impact of our message and help patients at risk of diabetic foot ulcers and amputations. Because the campaign is based on social media channels, it will have wide distribution at no cost to participants.

How it Works
This fully bilingual campaign consists of a series of co-ordinated tweets and Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn posts, beginning in late October. The high point will be on November 14, World Diabetes Day, with a blitz on tweets and retweets, personal challenges and live events. The campaign will continue, at lower intensity, until the end of November.

The campaign is aimed at everyone (patients, families, health-care professionals, government and policy decision makers, media personnel) and is designed to elevate the topic of skin and wound care in general and preventing diabetic foot-related amputations in particular.

Participant commitment: You can opt in and out of the campaign at any time, engage in all or parts of the program as you see fit and customize tweets and posts to suit your organization’s needs.

Hashtags we’ll be using

How to Participate

Download the activation kit and the schedule of pre-made posts that are ready to be shared and distribute them on your organization's social media channels.

Take a four-finger selfie (see below) to represent the four limbs that could be saved with increased awareness of diabetic foot complications. Post your selfie using the hashtags below, and encourage friends and colleagues to do the same!


Download the printable campaign sign to hold in your selfie.

Activation Kit: English
Activation Kit: French 

Social Media: English 
Social Media: French 

Save the 4 Infographic: English
Save the 4 Inforgraphic: French 

Participants and Partners

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