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 Air date
KCI: How Are You Managing DFUs? Evolution of therapies across the continuum of care June 10, 2019   click to watch 1 hour
Integra: MediHoney - Healing is Believing Nov 28, 2018   click to watch 1 hour
Hydrofera: Innovative Approaches to Wound Care Nov 10, 2018   click to watch 50 min
 Integra: Treating Hard-to-Heal Wounds: An Evidence-Based Approach for DFU and Chronic Wounds Nov 16, 2017   click to watch  45 Min
 Acelity: How are you managing DFUs? Innovative Therapy in Accelerating Wound Healing Nov 16, 2017   click to watch  40 Min
 Mölnlycke: Evidence-Based Pressure Injury Prevention: Setting the Standard Nov 17, 2017   click to watch  40 Min
 Perfuse Medtec: Using Low Frequency Nerve Stimulation to “Treat the Cause” in  Chronic Venous Insufficiency Nov 17, 2017   click to watch  40 Min
 Hollister: Managing Infected Wounds and Biofilms: What have we learned in the past  year? Nov 18, 2017   click to watch  35 Min
Acelity: How are you managing biofilm? Understanding the impact of biofilm in wound  healing May 8, 2017  view agenda click to watch 1 hour
Perfuse: Innovation Through Stimulation: The geko Circulation Support for Lower Limb  Wounds Jan 26, 2017 view agenda click to watch 1 hour
 MolecuLight: Wound Mapping: A Guide to Targeted Debridement and Wound Healing Feb 24, 2016  view agenda click to watch  1 Hour
 Integra: A Smart Solution Diabetic Foot Ulcers: Wound closure when time is of the  essence Sept 13,  2016  view agenda click to watch  1 Hour
 Delivra: Transdermal Doxycycline: A New Modality for Diabetic Wound Care Oct 25, 2016  view agenda click to watch  1 Hour











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